The maps table in the onpload database

The maps table defines record-to-table mappings (for loads) and query-to-record mappings (for unloads). Use the map options to modify this table.

Column Type Description
projectid INTEGER Project to which this map is assigned (foreign key to the project table)
formid SERIAL Unique identifier for map (primary key)
name CHAR(128) Name of map
type CHAR(6) Specifies whether the map is a load or unload map; possible values include:
  • Record (load map)
  • Query (unload map)
dbname CHAR(30) Name of load or unload database
qtable CHAR(18) Name of table to be loaded; used only for loads
query CHAR(128) Name of query; used only for unloads
formatid INTEGER Identifier of the format that this map uses (foreign key to the format table)
lockflag CHAR(1) Flag for locking mechanism that ipload uses

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