Numeric pictures

Numeric pictures allow you to decode and reformat integer and decimal numeric values. A value is interpreted as a numeric value only if its picture string contains numeric picture-control characters.

The input data is first scanned for the number of digits to the left and right of the decimal point (if any), and for a negative sign that can either precede or follow the data. The picture string is then used to reformat the value. The numeric picture-control characters are 9, S, V, and Z.

The following list describes the behavior of the numeric picture-control characters.
Replaces the control character with a numeric character
Replaces the control character with a minus sign if the input value is negative
Inserts a decimal point
Replaces the control character with a numeric character or a leading zero
The following table lists some examples of numeric pictures.
Picture Input data Output data Comment
9999999 123 0000123 Simple reformat
S999.99 123- -123.00 Sign controlled on output
99V99 123 01.23 Implicit decimal point
99.99 103.455 103.45 Strip decimals

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