Date pictures

When you load data, the date-format picture specifies how the High-Performance Loader (HPL) formats the input data before it writes the data into a database. When you extract data from a database, the date-format picture specifies how the HPL reformats the date before it writes the date to the output.

The date control characters are M, D, and Y. The following list provides definitions of these control characters.
Day value
Hour value
Month value or minute value
Second value
Year value

You can use HCL Informix® DATETIME strings, such as YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS.

The following table shows some examples of date picture strings.
Picture DBDATE value Input Output
MM/DD/YY YMD2/ 12/20/91 91/12/20
MM/DD/YY DMY2/ 12/20/91 20/12/91
MMDDYY DMY2/ 122091 20/12/91
MM DD YYYY DMY4/ 12/20/1991 20/12/1991
MM/DD/YY DMY2. 12/20/91 20.12.91
M/D/YY DMY2/ 02/01/91 2/1/91

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