Conversion and reversion scripts for HPL database migration

When you convert or revert to different versions of the database server, you can use conversion and reversion scripts to manually upgrade or revert your onpload database. You must use these scripts if you are required to upgrade between the same server versions.

Alternatively, you can use the IFX_ONPLOAD_AUTO_UPGRADE environment variable with the ipload or onpladm utilities to automatically upgrade the onpload database the first time that you run a High-Performance Loader (HPL) utility after you migrate to a new version of the database server. You cannot use the IFX_ONPLOAD_AUTO_UPGRADE environment variable with the onpload utility.

If you run an HPL utility before upgrading the onpload database, you receive the following error, which informs you that the onpload database must be converted:
Incorrect database version. Make sure that it is upgraded properly.
To upgrade please run the $INFORMIXDIR/etc/conv/ script manually.
For automatic upgrade please set the IFX_ONPLOAD_AUTO_UPGRADE variable.

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