Configuring Alerting

After clicking on a server or group from the dashboard, you can use the Alerting link on the left-hand sidebar menu to configure the alerting profile for that server or group. The Alerting page lists the alerts currently configured in the server or group's alerting profile.

Clicking the Add Alert button will open a form guiding you through the process of defining an alert. You will provide an alert name to identify it. You will select what you want to alert on: Informix server status, agent status, or data from a sensor metric. Then you will define the alerting condition. For example, alert me when the Informix server status is offline. Or alert me when the number of sessions connected to Informix is greater than 200.

For servers or groups that inherit alerts from parent groups, there will also be a list of Inherited Alerts. The buttons next to the inherited alerts allow you to disable inherited alerts. While you cannot override parent alerts like you can for sensors (due to the complexities of alerts), there is a clone button provided to make it easy to clone and modify an inherited alert if changes are required.

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