Adding Servers and Groups

After logging in to InformixHQ for the very first time, you will be taken to a group dashboard for the root group. This dashboard will initially contain zero servers and zero groups.

Adding Servers

To add servers, click the Add Server button to add connection information for your Informix database server instances.

When adding a server to InformixHQ, you can provide two sets of credentials:
  • Monitoring credentials
  • Admin credentials

The monitoring credentials are used by the InformixHQ server whenever a user navigates to any part of the UI that issues a REST query which needs to gather data from the live Informix database server instance. The monitoring credentials are also used by the agent whenever it gathers data from your database server. The admin credentials are used whenever a user in the UI requests that an administration action be performed on the database server, for example create a dbspace, edit an onconfig parameter, or deploy an agent.

Required privileges for the monitoring user
  • CONNECT access to the sysmaster database
  • CONNECT access to the sysadmin database
Optional privileges for the monitoring user
  • select privileges on the sysconblock, syssqltrace, syssqltrace_info, syssqltrace_hvar, and syssqltrace_iter tables in the sysmaster database.
  • select privileges on the ph_task, ph_run, ph_alert, ph_threshold, ph_bg_jobs, and ph_bg_jobs_results tables in the sysadmin database.
Note: Providing these optional privileges to the monitoring user enables the UI to show information about the server's the storage pool, sql tracing, auto update statistics, and scheduler tasks.
Required privileges for the admin user
  • Part of the DBSA group
  • CONNECT access to the sysadmin database
  • Privilege to run SQL Admin API commands
If this server is used as a repository server storing monitoring data for one or more instances, the admin user must also have:
  • RESOURCE access to the repository database

It is required that you provide monitoring credentials when adding your Informix database server information to InformixHQ. Admin credentials need only be provided if you want to use InformixHQ to run administrative actions on your database server or if you want the InformixHQ server to automatically deploy your agents.

SSL Connections

If your database supports or requires SSL connections you can setup SSL using the connection properties on the Add Server page. Specify the following connection parameters:

SSL_TRUSTSTORE Absolute or relative path to the truststore/keystore file from the perspective of the directory from which the agent and the InformixHQ server start. The truststore/keystore file must be present where both InformixHQ server and InformixHQ agent are running
SSL_TRUSTORE_PASSWORD Password to unlock the truststore/keystore file for both InformixHQ server and InformixHQ agent

Advanced Connection Properties

You can specify any of the advanced JDBC connection parameters when you setup your connection to alter the behavior of the underlying connections InformixHQ makes to the Informix database servers. For more information, see Informix environment variables with the Informix JDBC Driver

Adding Groups

From the dashboard, you can also click the Add Group button to create groups of servers to make it easier to monitor and manage multiple servers.

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