InformixHQ consists of three distinct pieces that come together to give you a comprehensive monitoring and administering experience for Informix.

InformixHQ Server

  • Java 8 based Jetty web server
  • Monitors and administers many Informix database servers
  • Connects directly to Informix databases servers to
    • Gather live data from the system
    • Perform administration
  • Connects to the InformixHQ agents regarding
    • Monitored data
    • Alerts/events
  • Provides a REST API for accessing Informix servers
    • Used by the InformixHQ UI, but is also available to third party tools and apps

InformixHQ Agent

  • Lightweight Java 8 based monitoring agent
  • Installed alongside each of your Informix database instances
  • Only needs read access to database server
  • Can perform native command execution to gather OS statistics as well as database statistics

InformixHQ User Interface (UI)

  • Modernized web UI for monitoring, managing, visualizing, and assessing your Informix database servers

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