Configuring Alerting

Alerts in InformixHQ can be fully customized. You can configure not only what you want to be alerted on, but also the threshold or condition that should trigger that alert.

Alerts defined for a group are automatically inherited by the child groups and child servers of that group. Defining alerts at the group level simplifies the process of managing alerts for multiple servers.

To create alerts:
  1. Click on a server or a group from the dashboard and then select the Alerting link on the left-hand sidebar menu. The Alerting page lists the alerts configured in the server or group's alerting profile.
  2. Click the Add Alert to open a form that guides you through the process of defining an alert. Provide an alert name to identify it.
  3. Select what you want to alert on: Informix server status, agent status, or data from a sensor metric.
  4. Define the alerting condition. For example, alert me when the Informix server status is offline or alert me when the number of sessions connected to Informix is greater than 200.

For servers or groups that inherit alerts from parent groups, there will also be a list of Inherited Alerts. The buttons next to the inherited alerts allow you to disable inherited alerts. While you cannot override parent alerts like you can do for sensors (due to the complexities of alerts), there is a clone button provided to make it easy to clone and modify an inherited alert if changes are required.

Once alerts are defined, the InformixHQ server will evaluate the applicable alerting condition for each new data point collected by the InformixHQ agent in the process of monitoring your database server. If an alerting condition is met, an alerting incident is created. Alerting incidents are automatically displayed in the InformixHQ UI, both in the dashboard and the Incidents pages for the server and for the parent group(s) it belongs to.

You can enable alert notifications to be sent through email, PagerDuty, Twilio, or a custom alerting script. To enable alerting notifications, a system administrative user for InformixHQ must enable the desired alerting notification service on the System Settings->Alerting Configuration page. For certain alerting notification services, including email and Twilio, each individual user who wants to receive alerting notifications must enable it for their user on the My Settings->Alerting Configuration page where they will provide user specific settings like their email address or phone number.

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