Custom Dashboards

You can create custom dashboards of sensor metric graphs for one or more Informix database servers.

Dashboards can be created for a single server or for multiple servers. Multi-server dashboards can have up to 5 different servers. All dashboards will be saved in the current group. This allows you to open and view the dashboard for different database servers within that group, although you have the option of saving a default server or set of servers for any particular dashboard.

To create a custom dashboard:
  1. Click on Dashboards from the sidebar menu for a server or a group.
  2. Click the New Dashboard button.
  3. Select a server or set of servers which will allow you to preview the dashboard as you build it.
  4. Add one or more dashboard panels.

    Each dashboard panel can be defined to graph one or more sensor metrics from the repository. You can also graph multiple metrics from multiple different sensors on the same graph. For multi-server dashboards, you can choose to associate each panel to a single server or you can graph metrics for each of your servers in the same graph.

    You can customize the colors and labels of graphed metrics as well as the attributes of the left and right y-axes.

  5. Arrange your dashboard panels. Panels can be re-sized and moved to different positions to create a custom layout for your dashboard.

As you make changes to your dashboard throughout the process of defining and editing, it is automatically saved.

To view a custom dashboard:
  1. Go to the Dashboards page of the group or server within the group.
  2. Select the desired dashboard from the list of available dashboards.
  3. Optionally, select or change the servers to show on the dashboard.

    If the selected dashboard has a set of default servers defined, it will open with the defined servers. Once opened however, you can change the servers shown in the dashboard by clicking on the server drop-down at the top of the dashboard.

    If the dashboard has no default servers defined, your context within InformixHQ will determine which servers get loaded into the dashboard when it opens. If you open a dashboard from the context of a server, then that dashboard will be automatically loaded for the current server. If you open a dashboard from the context of a group, then you will be prompted to select one or more servers from that group to show on a dashboard.

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