Exploring Informix Database Servers

Clicking on any server card from a group dashboard will take you to the server's dashboard. The dashboard includes sections on server status and any alerting incidents that have occurred, as well as information on high availability, threads, storage performance metrics, host memory and CPU usage, etc. If the agent is not running or sensors are not enabled, you will see the latest measurement for these metrics queried directly from the live database server. If the corresponding sensors are running, the server dashboard will show the recent history of each of these metrics graphically to give you a visual indication of how the database server is performing.

Note: If you see a triangular exclamation icon in the top right of any dashboard, that is an indication that the dashboard uses sensors that do not exist in the server's monitoring profile. Clicking on that icon will open a pop-up detailing the sensors used by the dashboard and providing a one-click button to enable all of those sensors.

For a particular database server, use the left-hand sidebar menu to continue to explore the server.

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