Monitoring and the Repository Database

This topic provides answers to some frequently asked questions on monitoring and the repository database in InformixHQ.

Where is the monitored data stored?

The monitored data is stored in the repository database as defined in the InformixHQ UI. The repository database must be an Informix database, but it can be located wherever you choose. You can store the monitored data within the same Informix instance that is being monitored or you can choose to use a central repository database to store all of the monitored data for all of your Informix database server instances.

Does the repository database need to exist ahead of time? Do I need to run any DDL statements to initialize the repository database?

The repository database must exist before you define it as a repository database. You define a repository database in the InformixHQ UI on a server’s Setup > Agent page.

You do not need to run any DDL statements to initialize the schema for the repository database. The agent will automatically create the tables it needs to store the monitored data.

If I add a new database server instance to a group and start an agent for that new server, do I have to do anything to enable all of the group’s sensors on the new server?

No, this happens automatically. Sensors defined in a group's monitoring profile are automatically applied to all database servers within the group. When a new server is added to the group, it will automatically inherit all of the sensors enabled in the group's monitoring profile. No additional step is needed to make this happen. The same thing applies to a group's alerting profile.

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