Users and Permissions

Only users with System Administrator privileges can add or delete users or modify their privileges. The initial admin user that is created when the InformixHQ server starts for the first time has System Administrator privileges. Additional users with System Administrator privileges can be created.

To add a user, delete a user, or modify their InformixHQ system privileges and permissions, a System Administrator user should click on their user icon in the top right corner of the title bar and go to the System Settings > User Management page.

When adding a user, you can optionally make the new user a System Administrator if you want them to manage users and configure InformixHQ. System Administrators automatically have full access (Read, SQL, and Admin permissions) on all servers and groups. When creating a new non-System Administrator, you have the option to grant Read, SQL, and/or Admin permissions for that user to any servers and groups that have been added to InformixHQ.

Read permissions allow a user to view information about a server in the UI, Admin permissions allow a user to execute administrative actions to make changes to a server, and SQL permissions allow a user to run SQL queries against that database server on the Schema Manager page.
Note: These three permissions are mutually exclusive. Granting Admin permissions does not automatically include Read permission.

In order to run administrative actions on an Informix database server, a user must have Admin permissions on that server and admin credentials must have been provided when adding that server to InformixHQ. You can review and edit server credentials by going to the server’s Setup page or by going to the group dashboard, selecting the server's card, and clicking Edit.

Permissions for a server or a group in InformixHQ are inherited. If a user is granted Read or Admin privilege on a group, the same privilege will be granted on all servers and sub-groups within that group.

While the System Settings > User Management page allows you to view and edit the complete permissions for each individual user of InformixHQ, there is also a Permissions page specific to each server or group that allows to you to see (and edit) all users who have permissions to that particular server or group. You can access this page by navigating to a particular server or group and clicking on Permissions in the side-bar menu.

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