What's new in InformixHQ

This topic includes information about new features in InformixHQ.

InformixHQ 12.10.xC14


  • Build custom dashboards for a single database server or for multiple database servers, configuring what monitoring data is displayed on the dashboard and how that data is arranged and visualized. Custom dashboards allow you to define UI pages that show you the Informix monitoring data that is most important to you.

    For more information, see Custom Dashboards.

  • Create your own custom SQL sensors for monitoring your Informix instances. Any sysmaster SQL query can now be turned into a sensor that will integrate directly into InformixHQ's monitoring and alerting systems.

    For more information, see Custom SQL Sensors.

  • A new extensible alerting option allows you to define a custom script to be executed whenever an alerting incident occurs.

    For more information, see Alerting incident.

Ease of use

  • Centralized user permission management, on the redesigned System Settings > User Management page, allows you to view and manage user's permissions within InformixHQ in a single place.
  • The group incidents page allows you to view all the alerting incidents that occurs on an entire group of Informix servers from one centralized page.
  • The new logging framework allows not only for a better out of the box logging experience, but also provides enhanced options for logging customization.

    For more information, see Logging in InformixHQ.


  • The Schema Manager page allows you to browse and view detailed information about the various tables and indexes in each of your databases.
  • The Storage > Tables and Indexes page allows you to analyze the storage characteristics of the tables and indexes in each of your databases, perform storage optimization actions such as compress, shrink, repack, defragment, and manage your automatic storage optimization policies.
  • The High Availability page makes it easy to visualize and monitor the functioning of your high availability cluster.
  • The Enterprise Replication page visualizes and provides details drill-down statistics about each Informix node participating in replication.
  • The Auto Update Statistics pages allows you to manage your automatic update statistics policies, ensuring your queries continue to run efficiently as your data changes over time.
  • The Privileges page allows you to manage privileges on your database server, including database level privileges, table level privileges, SQL Admin API privileges, and internal users.
  • The System Reports page provides a full set of detailed reports on various aspects of your database server's performance.
  • The Task Scheduler pages allows you to manage and customize tasks for your database server.
  • The Memory Manager page allow you to visualize and monitor your database server's memory usage as well as configure its Low Memory Manager configuration.
  • The Backups page has been enhanced to display a history timeline of your most recent database server backups.

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