Syntax of the onmode -b command

The onmode -b command restores your databases to the version of Informix® from which you converted. You cannot use this command to revert to any other version of the server.

When you convert a database server, several modifications make the format of the databases incompatible with the older version. The onmode -b command modifies data so that the earlier version of the database server can access it. In some cases the format of the databases is compatible between versions and the onmode -b command is not needed.

Tip: To see a list of all of the versions to which you can revert, run this command:
onmode -b

When you see the options that are available, choose the option that is closest to the version that you want.

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>>-onmode---- -b -version_number-------------------------------><

Element Purpose
-b version_number Reverts the database to the specified version.

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