Connecting to a database

When you connect to a database, you can review database tables, schemas, procedures, and routines.

To connect to a database:

  1. Expand SQL Toolbox, and then click Databases. The page displays a list of the databases on the current server and a chart of the space used by the six largest databases.
  2. In the list of Databases, click the name of the database. A list of tables in the database is displayed on the Tables page. The name of the selected database is displayed in the Database field at the right top of the page.
  3. Optional: To include the catalog tables name, select Include Database Catalog Tables? and click Submit. A combined list of the catalog tables and user tables is displayed.
    • To browse a table, click the icon in the Browse column.
    • To view the information for the table columns, click the table in the Name column.
    • To view partition information for a table, click the value in the PartNum column.

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