Viewing the current Auto Update Statistics settings

You can view the following information about Auto Update Statistics (AUS):
  • To determine when a database was updated, see the Last Time Checked column. This value is a time stamp for the last evaluation of which tables need to have statistics updated.
  • To determine which databases in the current group have AUS enabled, see the Database column.
  • To determine how many tables are missing statistics for a particular database, see the Tables Missing Statistics column. These tables do not follow the base guidelines recommended for updating statistics.

    The minimum set of statistics and distributions consists of running LOW on all indexes (or on the table if no indexes exist), HIGH on all lead keys of indexes, and MEDIUM on all non-lead keys.

  • To determine how many tables in a particular database need a statistics refresh, see the Small Tables Needing Statistics Refreshed and Large Tables Needing Statistics Refreshed columns.
  • To see how many tables that have been refreshed at a database, see the Number of Tables Refreshed column.

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