Finding high availability clusters

Identify high availability clusters so that they can be monitored and managed by using the HCL OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix®.

Prerequisites: Add the servers in the high-availability clusters to an OAT group. Only the clusters on servers that are in an OAT group are displayed on the High-Availability Clusters page. To add a server to the OAT group, on the OAT Admin menu, click Manage Connections > Add Connection.

To find high availability clusters:

  1. On the OAT menu, click Replication > Clusters.
  2. Click Find Clusters.

    When a cluster is found, the Found Cluster page is displayed, listing the servers in the cluster: primary, high-availability data replication (HDR), shared disk secondary (SDS), and remote standalone secondary (RSS).

  3. Accept the default name or enter a new, unique name for the cluster. Repeat this step for each cluster that is found.

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