Performing a query

Create a simple query to display specific rows in a table by using Query By Example.

You can perform a query on a table, and then review, update, or delete the rows that are displayed as a result.

To perform a query:

  1. On the menu of the HCL OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix®, expand SQL Toolbox, and then click Query By Example.
  2. To find a table, type any part of the table name in the Find field, and click Search. You can also expand a database to display the tables.
    Note: The list displays only the tables that you can work with in Query By Example (QBE). The tables that you cannot work with in QBE are not displayed, including tables that are system tables or tables in a system database (other than the sysadmin database) and tables that contain data types that are not supported by QBE: BLOB, BYTE, CLOB, DISTINCT TYPES, LIST, MULTISET, NCHAR, NVARCHAR, ROW, SET, TEXT, and UDTs.

    The columns in the selected table are displayed on the Query page.

  3. To enter the query criteria, click the button by a column to open the Enter query criteria page.
  4. Select an operator from the list of operators, enter a value, and click Add.

    The query criterion is displayed in the table. When you add another criterion, first select AND or OR.

  5. Click OK.

    The page closes and the query criteria are displayed for the column.

  6. To perform the query, click Submit.

    The page displays the rows that result from your query one row at a time. If you perform the query without entering any query criteria, all the rows in the table are displayed.

    To scroll through the rows, use the arrow buttons.

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