load_lang function

The load_lang function loads the language file for a module into the idsadmin language array. This function is part of the idsadmin class, which provides a library of basic functions for plug-ins for the HCL OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix®.


Variable Purpose Restrictions
keyword The keyword that specifies which language file to load for the module. By convention this keyword is the same as the act keyword for the module. The language file contains the text strings for the module.  


The load_lang function loads the lang_keyword.xml; for example, lang_admin.xml or lang_health.xml. The load_lang function is usually called as part of the class constructor for the module.


This example of a class constructor loads the language file for the health module.

function __construct(&$idsadmin)
        $this->idsadmin = &$idsadmin;


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