Modify the status thresholds for the dashboard

Modify the thresholds for the status indicators that are displayed on the multiserver dashboard.

Prerequisite: The HCL Informix® Health Advisor Plug-in for OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) must be installed.

The multiserver dashboard in the HCL OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix displays status indicators for the database servers in an OAT group. For example, if the free space for a dbspace on a database server falls below the specified threshold, a warning indicator is displayed for the database server.

You can modify the status thresholds for memory, space, and the chunk percentage of total I/O. These thresholds are the default settings from the Health Advisor plug-in.

To modify the status thresholds for the dashboard:

  1. On the OAT menu, click Health Center > Health Advisor.
  2. On the Profile page, verify that the current profile is the default profile.
  3. Click the Alarms tab.
  4. Modify the thresholds for any of these alarms:
    Health Advisor plug-in alarm threshold Dashboard status threshold
    OS Free Memory Memory
    Dbspace Free Space Space
    Chunk I/O Operations I/O: Chunk percentage of total I/O

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