Viewing the topology of an ER domain

View the topology, or routing map, of an Enterprise Replication (ER) domain.

To view the topology of the current domain, on the menu for the HCL OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix®, click Replication > ER Domain.

The Domain page displays all the ER domain nodes that are known by the current node; for example, a leaf node knows itself and its parent. Nodes are denoted by the group name that is defined in the SQLHOSTS file.

Important: If you are connected to a nonroot node or a leaf node, the information that you can view and the actions that you can take are limited. For fuller access, switch to a root node in the domain.
On the Domain page, you can:
  • Determine if any nodes need attention by reviewing any visual alerts.
  • See the name of the node name and any node members by hovering over the node icon.
  • Display or hide the subtree of any nonleaf node by clicking the expand icon.
  • Customize your view:
    • To zoom in or out on the domain, use the Zoom slider.
    • To view the refresh rate, click the clock icon.
    • To change the refresh rate, click the clock icon, and then use the slider to specify a refresh rate from 0 seconds to 300 seconds.
    • To display the connection lines between the nodes, click the Normal View icon.
    • To hide the connection lines, click the No Connection View icon.

To view the servers in the domain in a list, click the Server List tab. For each server, the list displays the status, member servers, type, parent (if applicable), HCL Informix version, and the date and time that the server was last monitored.

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