Monitoring log capture information for a node

View detailed information about log capture activity at the current node in an Enterprise Replication (ER) domain.

On the menu of the HCL OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix®, click Replication > Node Details > Capture. The Capture page displays the following information:

  • The state of ER log capture at the current node: Running, Down, or Uninitialized.
  • The current log position and the log position at which transactions are being captured for replication. Compare the log positions to determine whether ER is keeping up with ongoing database transactions.
  • The log replay position, which is the point from which ER starts rereading the log information in to the log update buffers after a failure. All the transactions generated before this position at all the target servers have been applied by ER or stored in the stable queue space.
    Important: To prevent loss of data, ensure that the log replay position is never overwritten. If the replay position is not advancing, the queue might be full or a remote node might be down.
  • The total number of log pages and the number of pages until ER enters a transaction blocking state, known as DDRBLOCK mode.
  • The number of pages until the logical log wraps and overwrites the transactions that ER has not yet processed.
  • The number of log pages that were read during log capture, from the log capture cache and from spooled log entries on disk, and whether there are log cache overflows.
  • Whether dynamic logging is enabled to prevent DDRBLOCK mode and related information including the number of dynamic logical logs that can be requested and the number of requests made to create dynamic logical logs.

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