Monitoring disk space usage for a node

Monitor how disk space is being used at the current node in an Enterprise Replication (ER) domain.

On the menu of the HCL OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix®, click Replication > Node Details > Disk Usage. The Disk Usage page displays information about the three areas of space used by ER:
  • Row Data Sbspace: The sbspaces that store the data to be replicated. They are defined in the CDR_QDATA_SBSPACE parameter.
  • Transaction Record Dbspace: The dbspaces that store the transaction records. They are defined in the CDR_QHDR_DBSPACE parameter, if it is defined. Otherwise, by default, the transaction records are stored in the root dbspace.
  • Grouper Paging Sbspace: The sbspaces used for large transaction handling. They are defined first by the SBSPACETEMP parameter, if it is defined; then by the SBSPACENAME parameter, if it is defined; and otherwise, by the CDR_QDATA_SBSPACE parameter.
Important: If these spaces fill, ER hangs until you either resolve the problem that is causing it to spool or allocate additional disk space.

To change the values for these parameters, on the OAT menu, click Replication > Node Details > Configuration, and click Edit Configuration.

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