Defining a replicate set

Create a new replicate set.

A replicate set combines several replicates to form a set that can be administered together as a unit. You can use a single command to start, stop, suspend, or resume all the replicates in the set.

To define a replicate set:

  1. On the menu of the HCL OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix®, expand Replication, and then click Replicates.
  2. Click the Replicate Sets tab.
  3. On the Actions menu, click Define Replicate Set.
  4. Type a name for the replicate set. The name must be unique and cannot be the same as a replicate name.
  5. Select the replicates for the set.
    • To add replicates, select them in the Available Replicates list, and then click Add, or click Add All.
    • To remove replicates, select them in the This Replicate Set list, and then click Remove, or click Remove All.
  6. Optional: To make this set an exclusive replicate set, select Replicates are exclusive to this set.
  7. To set the frequency option for the replicate set, click Next, or to create the replicate set with the default value, click Finish.
  8. Optional: Specify the Frequency of replication. The default is immediately when data arrives.
  9. To create the replicate set, click Finish.

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