Synchronizing a replicate

Synchronize data among replication servers to repair inconsistent data within a replicate.

To synchronize a replicate:

  1. On the menu of the HCL OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix®, expand Replication, and then click Replicates.
  2. Click the Replicates tab.
  3. Click the replicate in the table. To view the participants, expand the replicate name.
  4. On the Actions menu, click Check or Sync Replicate.
  5. Enter a name to identify the task so that you can monitor it on the Task Status page.
  6. Select Sync.
  7. Optional: To increase the amount of memory that the send queue can use during synchronization, select Set the size of the send queue and specify the size.
  8. For Frequency, specify when to perform the action. The default is Immediately, when you click Finish.
  9. Optional: Select the options to limit the number of rows to check by time period or with a WHERE clause.
  10. Select a Reference server to use as the reference copy of the data.
  11. Specify how to handle rows on the target servers that are not on the reference server. The default is Delete: Remove the extra rows from the target servers.
  12. Specify how to handle triggers at the target servers while synchronizing the data. The default is Off: Do not fire triggers at target servers during synchronization.
  13. Specify the target servers to synchronize.

    To monitor the progress of the task and to see the consistency report, click the Task Status tab.

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