Repairing failed transactions with ATS files

Repair failed transactions by using Aborted Transaction Spooling (ATS) files. The ATS repair task reconciles rows that failed to be applied on the target server.

Prerequisite: Create a directory to store the ATS files, enable ATS file generation on the Enterprise Replication (ER) server, and activate ATS file generation for the replicate.

An ATS file is generated when a replicated transaction fails to be applied to the target database because of a conflict and the entire transaction fails. When you repair the transaction by using the ATS file, you repair the rows associated with the transaction that is recorded in the ATS file.

To repair transactions by using ATS files:

  1. On the menu of the HCL OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix®, expand Replication, and then click Replicates.
  2. Click the ATS tab.
  3. In the Aborted Transaction Spooling (ATS) Files table, select the check boxes for the ATS files.

    If you do not repair all the available ATS files at the same time, some repair tasks might fail because of problems maintaining the relationships between the tables (referential integrity constraints).

  4. Click Repair.
  5. Review the ATS files that you selected for repair.

    To see the details of an ATS file, click the name of the file.

  6. Click Repair.
  7. Monitor the progress of the task and review the results in the ATS Repair Task Status list.

    To display the details of a task, click the file name in the list.

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