Modifying a failover configuration

Modify the failover configuration for a high-availability cluster by using a Connection Manager.

Prerequisites: For the Connection Manager, the HCL OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix® requires Informix 11.70.xC3 and the Connection Manager that is packaged with Informix 11.70.xC3 or with HCL Informix Client Software Development Kit (Client SDK) 3.70.xC3.

A failover configuration specifies the secondary server that takes over the role of the primary server if the primary server fails.

To modify the failover configuration:

  1. On the OAT menu, click Replication > Connection Manager.
  2. Click the Connection Manager.
  3. Click the cluster.
  4. On the Actions menu, click Modify Connection Unit.
  5. Complete the wizard.

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