Informix Health Advisor Plug-in for OAT

The HCL Informix® Health Advisor Plug-in for OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) analyzes the state of the Informix database server. The Health Advisor plug-in gathers information about the database server, the databases, and the operating system, and creates a report that contains the results and recommendations.

Prerequisite: The Health Advisor plug-in requires HCL Informix 11.50.xC7 or later.

The Health Advisor plug-in includes a series of alarms that check conditions on the database server: configuration, Enterprise Replication (ER), operating system (OS), performance, and storage. You can create profiles that specify the alarms that are enabled and the thresholds for the alarms. You can schedule a task to run the Health Advisor with a specific profile at regular intervals. You can specify who receives an email notification of the results. You can also run the Health Advisor on demand on the current profile and view the report.

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