Monitor performance with the OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix

The HCL OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix® provides multiple ways to gather, view, and analyze performance data.

With OAT, you can:
  • Collect performance statistics.
  • Find and eliminate database server performance bottlenecks.
  • Identify and monitor queries that are critical to performance.
  • Improve checkpoint performance and manage LRU queues.
  • Manage compression of data in tables and table-fragment rows
  • Monitor critical system resources (CPU, memory, disk, virtual processors).
  • Monitor and track locking.
  • Optimize the disk layout.
  • Tune the buffer cache.
  • Use query drill-down.
  • View the SQL statement cache.
  • Use automatic statistics update.
  • View historical performance graphs.
  • Explore user sessions.

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