Windows configuration parameters that affect CPU utilization

The Informix® distribution includes a machine notes file that contains recommended values for Informix configuration parameters on Windows. Compare the values in this file with your current ONCONFIG configuration file settings.

Informix runs in the background. For best performance, give the same priority to foreground and background applications.

On Windows, to change the priorities of foreground and background applications, go to Start > Settings > Control Panel, open the System icon, and click the Advanced Tab. Select the Performance Options button and select either the Applications or Background Services radio button.

The configuration of memory in the operating system can impact other resources, including CPU and I/O. Insufficient physical memory for the overall system load can lead to thrashing, as Memory utilization describes. Insufficient memory for Informix can result in excessive buffer-management activity. When you set the Virtual Memory values in the System icon on the Control Panel, ensure that you have enough paging space for the total amount of physical memory.

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