Specifying virtual processor class information

Use the VPCLASS configuration parameter to specify a class of virtual processors, the number of virtual processors that the database server should start for a specific class, and the maximum number allowed.

To execute user-defined routines (UDRs), you can define a new class of virtual processors to isolate UDR execution from other transactions that execute on the CPU virtual processors. Typically you write user-defined routines to support user-defined data types.

If you do not want a user-defined routine to affect the normal processing of user queries in the CPU class, you can use the CREATE FUNCTION statement to assign the routine to a user-defined class of virtual processors. The class name that you specify in the VPCLASS configuration parameter must match the name specified in the CLASS modifier of the CREATE FUNCTION statement.

For guidelines, on using the cpu and num options of the VPCLASS configuration parameter, see Setting the number of CPU VPs.

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