MaxConnect for multiple connections UNIX

HCL Informix® MaxConnect is a networking product for Informix database server environments on UNIX. You can use Informix MaxConnect to manage large numbers (from several hundred to tens of thousands) of client/server connections. Informix MaxConnect is best for OLTP data transfers, but is not recommended for large multimedia data transfers.

Informix MaxConnect provides the following performance advantages for medium to large OLTP configurations:
  • Reduces CPU requirements on the database server by reducing the number of physical connections.

    Informix MaxConnect multiplexes connections so that the ratio of client connections to database connections can be 100:1 or higher.

  • Improves end-user response time by increasing system scalability to many thousands of connections
  • Reduces operating-system overhead by aggregating multiple small packets into one transfer operation

To obtain maximum performance benefit, install Informix MaxConnect on either a dedicated computer to which Informix clients connect or on the client application server. Either of these configurations offloads the CPU requirements of handling a large number of connections from the database server computer.

To monitor Informix MaxConnect, use the onstat -g imc command on the database server computer and use the imcadmin command on the computer where Informix MaxConnect is located.

For more information about installing, configuring, monitoring, and tuning Informix MaxConnect, see the IBM Informix MaxConnect User's Guide.
Important: Informix MaxConnect and the IBM Informix MaxConnect User's Guide ship separately from HCL Informix.

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