Algorithm for determining DS_TOTAL_MEMORY

The database server derives a value for DS_TOTAL_MEMORY if you do not set the DS_TOTAL_MEMORY configuration parameter or if you set this configuration parameter to an inappropriate value.

Whenever the database server changes the value that you assigned to DS_TOTAL_MEMORY, it sends the following message to your console:
DS_TOTAL_MEMORY recalculated and changed from old_value Kb
            to new_value Kb

The variable old_value represents the value that you assigned to DS_TOTAL_MEMORY in your configuration file. The variable new_value represents the value that the database server derived.

When you receive the preceding message, you can use the algorithm to investigate what values the database server considers inappropriate. You can then take corrective action based on your investigation.

The following sections document the algorithm that the database server uses to derive the new value for DS_TOTAL_MEMORY.

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