Override the DBSPACETEMP configuration parameter for a session

To override the DBSPACETEMP configuration parameter, you can use the DBSPACETEMP environment variable for both temporary tables and sort files. This environment variable specifies a comma- or colon-separated list of dbspaces in which to place temporary tables for the current session.

Important: Use the DBSPACETEMP configuration parameter or the DBSPACETEMP environment variable for better performance of sort operations and to prevent the database server from unexpectedly filling file systems.
You should use DBSPACETEMP rather than the PSORT_DBTEMP environment variable to specify sort files for the following reasons:
  • DBSPACETEMP typically yields better performance.

    When dbspaces reside on character-special devices (also known as raw disk devices), the database server uses unbuffered disk access. I/O is faster to unbuffered devices than to regular (buffered) operating-system files because the database server manages the I/O operation directly.

  • PSORT_DBTEMP specifies one or more operating-system directories in which to place sort files.

    These operating-system files can unexpectedly fill on your computer because the database server does not manage them.

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