Analyzing efficiency criteria with oncheck -pB output

You can analyze the output of the oncheck -pB command to determine if there is a more efficient storage strategy.

Looking at the efficiency information for that is shown for blobspace bspc1 in Figure 1, a database server administrator might decide that a better storage strategy for TEXT and BYTE data would be to double the blobpage size from 2048 bytes to 4096 bytes. (Blobpage size is always a multiple of the database server page size.) If the database server administrator made this change, the measure of page fullness would remain the same, but the number of locks needed during an update of a simple large object would be reduced by half.

The efficiency information for blobspace blobPIC reveals no obvious suggestion for improvement. The two simple large objects in blobPIC differ considerably in size, and there is no optimal storage strategy. In general, simple large objects of similar size can be stored more efficiently than simple large objects of different sizes.

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