ON-Bar configuration parameters

BAR_MAX_BACKUP, BAR_NB_XPORT_COUNT, BAR_PROGRESS_FREQ, and BAR_XFER_BUF_SIZE are some ON-Bar configuration parameters that affect background I/O.

The BAR_MAX_BACKUP configuration parameter specifies the maximum number of backup processes per ON-Bar command. This configuration parameter also defines the degree of parallelism, determining how many processes start to run concurrently, including processes for backing up and restoring a whole system. When the number of running processes is reached, further processes start only when a running process completes its operation.

BAR_NB_XPORT_COUNT specifies the number of shared-memory data buffers for each backup or restore process.

BAR_PROGRESS_FREQ specifies, in minutes, how frequently the backup or restore progress messages display in the activity log.

BAR_XFER_BUF_SIZE specifies the size, in pages, of the buffers.

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