Loading and unloading tables

You can create databases for decision-support applications by periodically loading tables that have been unloaded from active OLTP databases.

You can use one or more of the following methods to load large tables quickly:
  • External tables
  • Nonlogging tables

    The database server provides support to:

    • Create nonlogging or logging tables in a logging database.
    • Alter a table from nonlogging to logging and vice versa.

    The two table types are STANDARD (logging tables) and RAW (nonlogging tables). You can use any loading utility such as dbimport or HPL to load raw tables.

  • High-Performance Loader (HPL)

    You can use HPL in express mode to load tables quickly.

The following sections describe:
  • Advantages of logging and nonlogging tables
  • Step-by-step procedures to load data using nonlogging tables

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