Extending a generic B-tree index

Initially, the generic B-tree can index data that is one of the built-in data types, and it orders the data in lexicographical sequence. However, you can extend a generic B-tree for some other data types.

You can extend a generic B-tree to support columns and functions on the following data types:
  • User-defined data types (opaque and distinct data types) that you want the B-tree index to support

    In this case, you must extend the default operator class of the generic B-tree index.

  • Built-in data types that you want to order in a different sequence from the lexicographical sequence that the generic B-tree index uses

    In this case, you must define a different operator class from the default generic B-tree index.

An operator class is the set of functions (operators) that are associated with a nontraditional B-tree index. For more details on operator classes, see Choosing operator classes for indexes.

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