Restrictions on indexes for fragmented tables

If the database server scans a fragmented index, multiple index fragments must be scanned and the results merged together. (The exception is if the index is fragmented according to some index-key range rule, and the scan does not cross a fragment boundary.) Because of this requirement, performance on index scans might suffer if the index is fragmented.

Because of these performance considerations, the database server places the following restrictions on indexes:
  • You cannot fragment indexes by round-robin.
  • You cannot fragment unique indexes by an expression that contains columns that are not in the index key.
For example, the following statement is not valid:
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX ia on tab1(col1)
      col2<10 in dbsp1,
      col2>=10 AND col2<100 in dbsp2,
      col2>100 in dbsp3;

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