Monitor sessions and threads with SMI tables

You can use the syssessions and the syssesprof system-monitoring interface (SMI) tables to obtain information about sessions and threads.

Query the syssessions table to obtain the following information.

Session ID
Name (login ID) of the user
User ID
Process ID
Time that the session started
Absolute path of the executable program or application
In addition, some columns contain flags that show the following information;
  • Whether the primary thread of the session is waiting for a latch, lock, log buffer, or transaction
  • If the thread is in a critical section.
Important: The information in the syssessions table is organized by session, and the information in the onstat -u output is organized by thread. Also, unlike the onstat -u output, the syssessions table does not include information about daemon threads, only user threads.

Query the syssesprof table to obtain a profile of the activity of a session. This table contains a row for each session with columns that store statistics on session activity (for example, number of locks held, number of row writes, number of commits, number of deletes, and so on).

For a complete list of the syssessions columns and descriptions of syssesprof columns, see the chapter on the sysmaster database in the IBM® Informix® Administrator's Reference.

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