onperf utility tools

The onperf utility provides Motif windows, called tools, which display metric values.

Table 1. onperf utility tools
Tool Description
Graph tool This tool allows you to monitor general performance activity. You can use this tool to display any combination of metrics that onperf supports and to display the contents of a history file. For more information, see Graph tool.
Query-tree tool This tool displays the progress of individual queries. For more information, see Query-tree tool.
Status tool This tool displays status information about the database server and allows you to save the data that is currently held in the data-collector buffer to a file. For more information, see Status tool.
Activity tools These tools display specific database server activities. Activity tools include disk, session, disk-capacity, physical-processor, and virtual-processor tools. The physical-processor and virtual-processor tools, respectively, display information about all CPUs and VPs. The other activity tools each display the top 10 instances of a resource ranked by a suitable activity measurement. For more information, see Activity tools.

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