Graph-tool view menu

The View menu contains options for changing how the graph tool appears.

The View menu provides the following options.

Changes the graph tool to the line format. Line format includes horizontal and vertical scroll bars. The vertical scroll bar adjusts the scale of the horizontal time axis. When you raise this bar, onperf reduces the scale and vice versa. The horizontal scroll bar allows you to adjust your view along the horizontal time axis.

To change the color and width of the lines in the line format, click the legend in the graph tool. When you do, onperf generates a Customize Metric dialog box that provides a choice of line color and width.

Horizontal Bar Graph
Changes the graph tool to the horizontal bar format.
Vertical Bar Graph
Changes the graph tool to the vertical bar format.
Changes the graph tool to the pie-chart format. To display a pie chart, you must select at least two metrics.
Quick Rescale Axis
Rescales the axis to the largest point that is currently visible on the graph. This button turns off automatic rescaling.
Configure Axis
Displays the Axis Configuration dialog box. Use this dialog box to select a fixed value for the y-axis on the graph or select automatic axis scaling.

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