CSM configuration file

To use a communication support module (CSM), you must have a concsm.cfg file.

An entry in the concsm.cfg file is a single line and is limited to 1024 bytes. After you describe the CSM in the concsm.cfg file, you can enable it in the options parameter of the sqlhosts file, as described in IBM® Informix® Administrator's Guide.

The concsm.cfg file is located in the etc directory of INFORMIXDIR by default. If you want to store the file somewhere else, you can override the default location by setting the INFORMIXCONCSMCFG environment variable to the full path name of the new location. For information about setting the environment variable INFORMIXCONCSMCFG, see the IBM Informix Guide to SQL: Reference.

Entries in the concsm.cfg file must conform to the following restrictions:

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