Enterprise replication and high availability network data encryption

You can configure network data encryption for Enterprise Replication and high availability clusters by using configuration parameters.

Important: You cannot start Enterprise Replication or high availability options on a network connection that is configured to use communication support module (CSM) encryption for client/server connections. CSM encryption must be configured to use a separate network port.

You can use Enterprise Replication and high availability encryption parameters to encrypt the data traffic between the servers participating in Enterprise Replication and high availability clusters (High-Availability Data Replication, remote stand-alone secondary servers, and shared disk secondary servers). High availability encryption works with Enterprise Replication encryption and each operates whether the other is enabled or not.

The following configuration parameters configure encryption for Enterprise Replication and high availability clusters:

When working with each other, high availability and Enterprise Replication share the same ENCRYPT_CIPHERS, ENCRYPT_MAC, ENCRYPT_MACFILE and ENCRYPT_SWITCH configuration parameters.

While an encrypted high availability or Enterprise Replication connection operates from server to server, CSM network encryption operates between client and server. Both types of encryption can run on the same network if configured as follows:

For information about these configuration parameters, see IBM® Informix® Administrator's Reference.

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