Ensure keytab file has the required key (UNIX and Linux)

Add the service principal key generated in the Key Distribution Center to the credentials information stored in the keytab file on the Informix® host computer, and then validate that all necessary credentials are stored in this file.

Before you can complete this task, verify that you comply with the following prerequisites:
  • A valid Informix service principal has been created on the Key Distribution Center (KDC) computer. Typically, a Kerberos principal is created by using the kadmin utility. See your Kerberos documentation for further information.
  • Client principals also exist on the KDC computer.
Important: Protect your system from intruders by maintaining appropriate security measures, such as controlling access to the keytab file.
  1. Add the service principal key to the keytab file on the KDC computer.
  2. Transfer the file to the keytab file for the DBMS, typically a separate computer hosting Informix.

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