The following list summarizes this table:
Information about the replication queues for all database servers that participate in Enterprise Replication
applIndex, onErQueueReplIndex
Scope of a row:
One replication queue
The table has the following MIB objects.
Table 1. MIB objects for onErQueueTable
MIB object Description
applIndex See applTable.
onErQueueReplIndex Unique integer index that identifies a replicant
onErQueueSiteIndex Unique integer that identifies a database server
onErQueueReplName Display string that describes the replicant or collection of replicants
onErQueueSiteName Name of the Enterprise Replication database server
onErQueueSize Current® number of bytes in the send queue
onErQueueLastCommit Date and time when last transaction was committed
onErQueueLastAck Date and time when last data was acknowledged

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