INFORMIXSQLHOSTS environment variable

The INFORMIXSQLHOSTS environment variable specifies where the SQL client or the database server can find connectivity information.

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The full path name of the connectivity information file.
UNIX: Default =$INFORMIXDIR/etc/sqlhosts
Windows server: Default = %INFORMIXDIR%\etc\sqlhosts.%INFORMIXSERVER%
For example, the following command overrides the default location and specifies that the mysqlhosts file is in the /work/envt directory:
setenv INFORMIXSQLHOSTS /work/envt/mysqlhosts

Windows client: The INFORMIXSQLHOSTS environment variable points to the computer whose registry contains the SQLHOSTS subkey. For example, the following command instructs the Windows client to look for connectivity information in the registry of a computer named arizona:

set INFORMIXSQLHOSTS = \\arizona     

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