Quoted String

A quoted string is a string literal between quotation marks. Use this segment whenever you see a reference to a quoted string in a syntax diagram.


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Quoted String

   |    | .---------------. |          |   
   |    | V               | |          |   
   |    '---+-character-+-+-'          |   
   |        '-''--------'              |   
   |  (1)                              |   
              | .---------------. |        
              | V               | |        

  1. Informix® extension
Element Description Restrictions Syntax
character Code set element within quoted string Cannot enclose between double quotation marks if the DELIMIDENT environment variable is set Literal value from the keyboard


Use quoted strings to specify string literals in data-manipulation statements and other SQL statements. For example, you can use a quoted string in an INSERT statement to insert a value into a column of a character data type.

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