Backup and restore of RAW tables

There are backup scenarios for the table types available on HCL Informix®.

The following table explains backup scenarios for table types.
Table 1. Backing up tables on Informix
Table type Backup allowed?
Standard Yes.
Temp No.
RAW Yes. If you update a RAW table, you must back it up so that you can restore all the data in it. Backing up only the logical logs is not enough.
Important: After you load a RAW table or change a RAW table to type STANDARD, you must perform a level-0 backup.
The following table shows restore scenarios for these table types.
Table 2. Restoring tables on Informix
Table type Restore allowed?
Standard Yes. Warm restore, cold restore, and point-in-time restore work.
Temp No.
RAW When you restore a RAW table, it contains only data that was on disk at the time of the last backup. Because RAW tables are not logged, any changes that occurred since the last backup are not restored.

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