Specify names for storage spaces and chunks

Chunk names follow the same rules as storage-space names.

Specify an explicit path name for a storage space or chunk as follows:
  • If you are using raw disks on UNIX, you must use a linked path name. (See Create symbolic links to raw devices (UNIX).)
  • If you are using raw disks on Windows, the path name takes the following form, where x specifies the disk drive or partition:
  • If you are using a file for database server disk space, the path name is the complete path and file name.
Use these naming rules when you create storage spaces or add a chunk. The file name must have the following characteristics:
  • Be unique and not exceed 128 bytes
  • Begin with a letter or underscore
  • Contain only letters, digits, underscores, or $ characters

The name is not case-sensitive unless you use quotation marks around it. By default, the database server converts uppercase characters in the name to lowercase. If you want to use uppercase in names, put quotation marks around them and set the DELIMIDENT environment variable to ON.

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